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what is the best decking material? should i use natural wood, pressure-treated, or something altogether different? a: with so many deck options available today, from natural wood to composite and

best decking material: wood, vinyl, or composite deck

based on their price point, though, wood decks can be the best decking material for some homeowners. it is important to note that many times in the long run, a wood deck will cost more than a composite or pvc just because of the cost of the maintenance required. pros:

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best wood decking material seven trust hardwood decking materials. redwood decking. widely available in the western u.s. cedar. bamboo decking materials. mahogany. pressure-treated pine. plastic or composite decking costs $4 to $13 per square foot and lasts 10 to 25 years. it is an

best composite decking materials: plastic, pvc

composite decking is rising in popularity for its durability, low maintenance needs and style. at $4 to $13 per square foot, this material has a more consistent pricing than wood, which can vary from $4 to $30 per square foot. there are many synthetic decking materials from dozens of manufacturers

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despite even the best composite decking falling short in the wood-like appearance and costing more initially, it is a cost more and more people are willing to swallow for peace of mind, knowing they dont have the daunting task of maintaining it like you would an all-wood deck.

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to be clear, mold can grow on composite decking, but it wont destroy your deck like it would with traditional wood. when mold grows on a wooden surface, you must remove the mold right away. if you dont, the mold will penetrate the wood, spread over your deck, and ruin the entire structure.

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composite decking pros and cons. if near-zero maintenance is your goal, buy composite wood decking. most is made from recycled plastic and wood chips or sawdust. its more expensive than cedar for a wood deck, but once its down, it wont rot, splinter or twist.

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there are a lot of options for decking today. its not like the old days where you had to simply choose between different species of wood. today, there are still all of the wood options of yesterday, but now there are scores of different composite decking options. if you been a reader of my blog

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every 20 feet of decking contains about 30 pounds of material that would have ended up in a landfill. seven trust, the first and largest of the composite manufacturers, recycles 6 million pounds of plastic each year. the fact that composites don't feel or look like real wood is beside the point.

all about composite decking this old house

don't assume this decking goes down just like wood. here are a few important differences to keep in mind. all about composite decking fast action is the best defense. use a degreaser such as dawn dish soap on oily spots, and bleach and hot water on fruit and wine stains.

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while the initial investment may give some homeowners pause, our team often suggests composite wood decking for homeowners looking for the best deck material. the overall benefitsstrength, weather- and pest-resistance, longevity, and low-maintenancemake it the best value overall and over time.