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retractable, load-bearing flooring systems & automatic pool covers. visit. discover ideas about automatic pool cover. convert your pool room with a retractable floor. convert your athletic facility or commercial building with a load-bearing, solid floor. affordable dance floor pool cover miami 786.355.1449 building the estructure #1.

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load-bearing retractable pool covers. given the ton of airtime "it's a wonderful life" gets around the holidays with it's retractable floor over the swimming pool scene, you would think more pool owners would want something like this. i visited the flower and patio show in indianapolis today and talked with a pool rep about load-bearing

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essentially, our covers and floor conversion systems allow virtually any space to be transformed to increase usability, value and performance. wutgroup covers and systems have multiple applications: residential pools & spas. load-bearing, retractable pool covers convert your home’s pool room into a multi-use space.

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bullet pierces south loop couple's seventh-floor window while they're fast asleep best outdoor swimming spots in chicago pool in the sunshine or have the retractable roof cover you from

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dance floor pool cover by all-safe our system is designed to have the same load bearing capacity as the upstairs floor of a two story house. wutpool retractable load bearing pool cover

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unlike swimming pools, automatic cover systems for spas are rare. twinscape has developed a movable floor for spas and a disappearing spa cover to give you exactly the same options that you have with your pool - being able to use the space effectively when the spa is not in use. ensuring your spa is well insulated is vital. spas must be kept at a much higher temperature than pools and they