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'how to install western red cedar cladding' pdf - - similar to 'how to install western red cedar cladding' pdf - overall appearance of cladding when installed and for the purpose of long-term performance which are acceptable and cedar and all other wood species, is distinctly white. .. sealants to seal gaps around windows, floor s, corners, and

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western red cedar is perfect for feature gates, garage doors and fences, due to its durability, stability and light weight. our tips: do not make your gates or fences out of blue board, or similar, and then attach the timber directly to the board. moisture will get to the back of the external timber cladding and the timber will rot.

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how to install timber cladding. we often get asked how timber cladding is installed. although each project is unique and the details will vary from build to build, we’ve outlined some general guidelines to help showcase the process for getting timber cladding installed.

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use high-performance acrylic-latex, acrylic, acrylic-silicone, polyurethane, polysulfide or terpolymer rubber caulks or sealants to seal gaps around windows, doors, corners, and other exterior joints that are exposed to potential water intrusion. pure silicone and clear caulks do not work well on western red cedar and are not recommended.

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start installing western red cedar cladding. section ii. outlines proper installation techniques. section iii. provides a list of industry best practices for western red cedar cladding installation. note that these are general guidelines that are minimum standards to be followed with confidence in most areas.