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my experience: we added a pergola to our concrete patio using a kit purchased from costco. the kit included instructions for both concrete and wood installation. the instructions were available online without purchasing and stated what additional items needed to be purchased depending on the type of ground concrete, wood you plan on installing the pergola over as well as attaching to another structure.

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how to build pergolas on existing decks pt.1 when you want to add a pergola an existing deck the first consideration is whether the deck will support the additional weight. aesthetics is the second concern.

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others might have a different view, but just looking at that deck i'd be inclined to make the pergola/roof freestanding and not try attaching it. a fairly simple set of new holes with stirrups or even screw anchors and posts with beams and then rafters.

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pergola patio pergola shade cheap pergola deck with pergola patio roof pergola plans pergola attached to house pergola canopy wooden pergola pergola is intended to pass through a sitting area surrounded by a garden, but you can also use it to pass through a rose garden.

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its also unreasonable to dig to add external posts outside the deck area. e.g. build a posted pergola bigger and around my deck. the below pics don't show it great, but there is good room for a 8'x8' free standing roof/pergola at the end of the deck.

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step 2. set the post anchors: if you are going to build your pergola directly on the ground, you will need to dig holes for each of the posts, fill the hole with concrete, and set the post. the hole depth will depend on local building codes, but is normally between 24 and 36 deep, and 24 in diameter.

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9 answers. replace the corner and center railing post with the pergola post using through bolts. the weight of the pergola will only be the weight of the material itself. if you would like, you could add angle brackets underneath the deck where the deck joist and the band board meet to increase the sheer strength of the band board fasteners.

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rmiz24 if your pergola is not attached to a solid structure. such as a house . than you need to run your posts through the deck and attached to piers or solid concrete.also place them either next to a rim joist or beam structure. then you are able to solid block them also between joists. this also gives you the backing to re-attach your decking.

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after having dinner on the new deck it was realized that we needed more shade. so, pergola addition it was. we already had a structure on the deck that would allow us to mount a bench swing in the

how to build an attached 16x20 pergola on an existing deck

step 7. attach two of the 20 foot 1-by-6 boards to each of the 4-by-4 pergola posts for the side beams. place the first two boards on the left and right side of one of the 4-by-4 posts. repeat this process for the other 4-by-4 post.

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i have an existing deck on the back of my house, and id like to add a pergola. the deck is 17 x 16, and id like to build the pergola to roughly match the size and shape. the attached picture shows a view of the deck from above, along with measurements and placements of the existing support posts and beams.

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step 4. attach the panels one at a time using screws. start on the left side and work your way across the roof. by doing so, it will ensure that the panels line up. the panels should overlap each other slightly.

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in this scenario, you may opt for a complete deck and pergola hardware set that includes post bases, post-to-beam supports, rail saddles, rafter clips, truss accents and truss ties, truss base fans, and timber ties. other considerations before you add a pergola to a deck

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the material utilized in the making of the how to add a pergola to a deck may also determine the time of the shade. specially since some product is naturally stronger than other material. needless to say, that does not indicates the other product isn't durable.

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extend your space with a pergola. if you already have a deck or patio, one of the reasons you probably added it was to extend your outdoor living space. if youve been enjoying it, you might have found that during particular weather extremes it becomes uncomfortable to use. a pergola allows you to use your deck no matter what the weather is doing.