how much should a deck step overhang

how much overhang can a stair tread have? yahoo answers

how much overhang can a stair tread have? we put precut treads and risers on our old staircase but the treads extend 2 1/2'-3' from this too much,will the tread break off??any help is appreciated.

how much decking do i overhang

deck building project - installing decking boards - step by step ensure an equal overhang along the length of the board and nail or screw it in place. continue with each board working your way to the house and using a spacer, such as a nail, to keep the gap uniform.


i just measured the height of the step with the decking board below and it varies. since the length is like 20 feet, i see it's ranging from 6.25' to 6.75'. that means i have to cut the fascia board regardless of which method anyways. for the overhand method option 1 , it might be better looking to hide larger gap below the overhang i guess.

wood decking

once installed, the first board should overhang the front of the deck framing by approximately 1 1/2' 38 mm and about 3' 76 mm on each side. screw the first deck board in place. don't worry about the 3' overhang on each side.

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ideal tread and riser measurements. for the purpose of figuring out how far a stair jack will project from the deck, add together the depths of all the treads. for example, if a stair has four treads with a tread depth of 10 inches, the bottom face of the stair jacks will be 40 inches out from the deck.

how much overhang???

risers times 2, plus one step, should be around 65 centimeters. i have used this method with great success. example, going up grades i have had to used 4' risers, and the steps i did 17 ¾'.

stair tread nose overhang?

stair tread nose overhang? posted in general discussion on february 21, 2007 10:42am hi, im replacing some carpeted treads with oak treads. the new treads are 1 with a radius on the nose. is there an optimal distance the nose of the tread should overhang the riser? thanks, richard. reply. x. replies.