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the largest organ of the human body is of course the skin. organs can be hollow and other organs can be solid. some examples of hollow organs are stomach, heart and the urinary bladder. some examples of solid organs are the liver, spleen, and the pancreas. our bones are organs that protect various organs of the body.

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in plants, there are three main organs. a hollow organ is an internal organ that forms a hollow tube, or pouch such as the stomach, intestine, or bladder. in the study of anatomy, the term viscus refers to an internal organ. viscera is the plural form. seventy-nine organs have been identified in the human body.

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this tissue covers body surfaces and lines hollow organs of the body such as the stomach and bladder. epithelial tissue this type of tissue can function as fat storage, pad or bind an organ, wrap skeletal muscles or transport substances.

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the next phase will be printing organs using cells as the medium. the objects in the photo include a rudimentary kidney, an ear, and the bone structure of a finger. employ elaborate hollow

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the tubular hollow organs of the body encompass the gi tract and therefore the oesophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine. the larynx can also be added to this list. resection of any of these organs will yield a tube. the bag hollow organs include the bladder, uterus and gallbladder.

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hollow organs of the body possess lumen or cavity inside, such as stomach or urinary bladder. kidney is definitely not a hollow organ. then there are organs with narrow lumen, like trachea, oesophagus and intestine. even heart has chambers within it. in the picture below, hollow tract of rectum (end of large intestine), cavity of uterus and lumen of urinary bladder are seen:-

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experts say organs grown in labs could key medical research over next two decades. scientists growing livers, kidneys, ears in labs amidst organ shortage. tubes and hollow containers

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ruq - solid stores 1-2 hrs. of energy in the form of glycogen, breaks down old red blood cells, creates bile which helps digest fats, carries out many metabolic functions such as breaking down toxins, synthesis of vitamin k, synthesizes various amino acids (proteins), clotting factors, etc. (glycogen is the short-term storage form for sugar, fat is the long-term storage).

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assessment tips: assessing the abdomen. the hollow organs are the stomach, small intestines, colon, gallbladder, bile ducts, fallopian tubes, ureters and urinary bladder.