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cork decking for boats. on the decks of boats is where seacork is truly at home. its our beginning, the mainstay of our product selection, and seacork can be found on thousands of boats around the world, from rib tenders to stately 140 foot schooners. the advantages of cork flooring on a boat are hard to overstate: durability, traction,

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aquacork marine decking aquacork is a high performance, innovative marine decking composed of high quality composite cork. aquacork is a natural alternative to traditional boat decks providing exceptional surfaces for boating and other marine activities. also great for decking around pools and hot tubs and installed on shower floors and walls.

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cork is a durable, comfortable, non-skid decking material with the added benefit of having superior insulating properties. it is easy to install and clean, and requires minimal maintenance. marinedeck 2000 exterior is produced from natural cork bound in a high-end synthetic binder for high density and superior durability.

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the advantages of cork flooring on a boat are hard to overstate: durability, traction, sound-proofing, unsulation. its cool and pleasant underfoot and also beautiful and unique, just like your boat. seacork is equally suited to interior projects, and has been used on many cabin soles and small trim areas on boats of all sizes.

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but if your boat has fiberglass decks, expect materials for a cork decking including adhesives, seam caulk, and binder to cost about $37 a square foot. labor will boost the total to about $75 per square foot. laying teak over a clean fiberglass or plywood deck will cost between $100 and $120 a square foot. the test

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cork is the best covering material for a deck. it won't stain put it in grape juice for two weeks and wash it with detergent it is resiliant, dent it and it comes back, if you have to repair it, cut the piece out with a razor knife and the repair will be impossible to find once the new piece is fitted properly. marine deck 2000 is the material,

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lewmar treadmaster non-skid deck covering provides additional safety and comfort for boaters. for over 30 years, treadmaster flooring has been used to create non-skid surfaces on boat decks, stairs, and other areas where wet surfaces make for tricky footing. treadmaster marine flooring easily bonds to fiberglass, aluminum, steel and wood decks.

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cork is a very comfortable material to walk on, especially barefoot. it has good anti skid properties even when wet. the use of cork flooring, increases sound insulation properties of the boat. cork flooring is a good temperature insulator, both against bare feet and blazing sunshine.

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that seems to be a good sign as well that etap had chosen the product to use in their new top of the range boat, the etap 46ds an expensive boat . for what i understand, a cork deck will cost half the price of a teak deck.

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marinedeck is an extremely high performing composite decking material emulating the traditional layout and appearance of teak. available for both exterior and interior applications, it's performance is unmatched by any other decking product.

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marinedeck is a cork deck material, developed as an alternative for teak decks. the material is non-skid, easy to clean, with a long life cycle and very limited or no technical maintenance. to utilize all of the advantages and properties of cork, a hybrid synthetic binder was developed, improved and adapted to environmental requirements.

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use the boat bms ok thats building management system that i'll install to run a seawater pump over a few irrigation type sprayheads to wet/cool the teak deck. dead easy to incorporate in the sidewalls of the sundeck on the bow.

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seven trust supply and fit synthetic teak decking to the highest standards using innovative design solutions and the proven teak alternative. discover our range of synthetic teak marine decking.