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has anyone ever attended a concert at fenway? not

posts: 530. it seems to me that most seats, even ten club seats, will be very very bad. from looking at previous fenway seating charts, for billy joel, bruce springsteen, foo fighters and tom petty, it appears that unless you are in the middle of the field in the first 20 rows or so, your seats are, to put it mildly, horrible.

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the state street pavilion club seats are small private sections that are numbered 1-14 and are located above the fenway park suites. they extend from left field to right field as well as behind home plate.

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the other pavilion club seats at fenway park are the pavilion box seats and state street pavilion club which is located directly along the 3rd base line. these seats have a great view overlooking the field. getting tickets to watch the boston red sox atop the pavilion at fenway park is a rare opportunity.

fenway park pavillion box or loge box? which are better seats?

answers. probably no park has seating more confusing than fenway. it kind of depends which section the loge box is in and whether the pavillion is coke or state street. my order of preference would be loge box 98 - 155 ish state street pavillion which is a much better experience but your'e not as 'on top of' the game

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fenway park pavilion box seating. seatscore . pavilion box seats at fenway park are located directly behind pavilion club seats. each section includes less than five rows, with row a being closer to the front of the section.

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state street pavilion club/home plate pavilion club: dugout seats d9-80: not only do these seats offer an extremely close view of the action, they also include access to the absolut clubhouse, a private bar which is a good place to enjoy food before or during the game.

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fenway park pavilion club seating. seatscore . the pavilion club is made up of home plate club seating and state street club seating. these seats include access to the club with upscale a la carte and buffet options, televisions and private restrooms. the seats are padded with extra legroom and cupholders and come with in-seat wait service.

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fenway is not known for its accoustics thats for sure. i would steer clear of any grandstand seats. some of the stuff up top is pretty good as you get a good view. be leery behind home plate and near the dugoutsthey tend to put up speakers which can obstruct view. i would say any field level seats either 1st or 3rd base would be my first choice.

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america's most beloved ballpark gets a bad rap for some of its obstructed seating, but's michaela vernava highlights the best seats in fenway park.

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the old roof box seats had a good sightline. if you have time you should take one of those $5 tours of fenway. then you can kind of see where you want to watch the game from.

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while the seats are the classic, wooden fenway seats, this section is an incredible alternative to the field level seats. as long as you're in the first 9-10 rows of the grandstand, poles are no issue as well.

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pavilion club - although they're located on the highest seating tier, the pavilion club seats that wrap around the upper level offer some of the best sitelines at fen dugout seats - while fenway park does not have scout seats or all-inclusive club seats on the lowest level like many newer ballparks, the first three rows of seating

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fenway park seating chart information to choose the best fenway park seats for you, utilize the seating chart and seat views features. click on any of the red 'ticket' buttons above and on every single event page, you'll find club seats, suites, and a fenway park virtual seating chart.

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i would gladly sit in pavilion box 3 for a game. keep in mind that the profile of fenway is low, not like some of the really tall stadiums with a true upper level, nosebleed section. you really aren't that high up at fenway and the view of the action is really good. bleacher sections 41,42,43

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concert photos at fenway park. view from seats around fenway park. x upload photos. my account. sign in; popular. venues; good seats though theyre small on stage and spent most time looking at screens. but great concert pavilion 5 fenway park; pavilion 8 fenway park 1 pavilion 9 fenway park 1

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state street pavilion club at fenway park feel the pulse of red sox nation with a view overlooking the playing field and the city of boston when you have seats in the state street pavilion level. experience visibility from the green monster down to pesky's pole, tracking the ball the moment it leaves the pitcher's hand until it flies over the green monster or hits the catcher's mitt.

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pavilion box is the way to go love the pavilion box seats great view of the infield, you can see the whole game in great detail you also get a less crowded bathroom and concession area since they check tickets to get into this section, unlike crowded grandstands.

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dugout seats still include in-seat wait service, but you'll also be within three rows of the field and be surrounded by plenty of cheering red sox fans. the pavilion club also includes wait service, and fans seated in row 5 of these sections will be able to enjoy their spoils at a ledge for bar-like seating with fenway as the backdrop.